Industrial Engineering and Management

This department offers undergraduate and graduate studies in industrial engineering and management. Industrial engineering and management is a fascinating field, characterized by its wide variety of interesting career possibilities, which are often financially rewarding.

Industrial engineering and management is a discipline that deals with industrial and managerial principles. These engineers utilize knowledge and technology to transform ideas into realities, and are responsible for planning the most suitable process for any challenge and innovation. They are employed throughout all facets of the marketplace, since their expertise is vital for the successful functioning and seamless integration of internal processes in any organization.      

Undergraduate Program

Awarded Degree


Specialization Tracks

Engineering Project Management
Information Systems


University Tuition


Be'er Sheva

Duration of Studies

4 years

Start of Studies



Application Requirements

- Fully Completed Matriculation Exams (High School Diploma)

-  Psychometric / Psycho-technical Exam (Score of at least 560)

- Mathematics: 5 points, with a grade of above 70, or 4 points with a grade of above 80

Pre-Academic Preparatory Program

Applicants who do not meet the application requirements may be accepted to the undergraduate studies in Industrial Engineering and Management, following the successful completion of the SCE pre-academic preparatory program in engineering.

The responsibilities of an industrial engineer include a wide array of topics and disciplines, including: manufacturing planning and supervision, information system analysis and operation, methods for defining quantitative and qualitative indices, quality management, personnel and machine regulation, project management, manufacturing engineering, planning and operation of warehouse arrangement, purchasing, inventory management, robotics, performance research, economic feasibility studies, strategic consulting, marketing, human resources management, and more.      

During their third year of studies, and based on the department’s program requirements and their accumulated credits, students will be divided into two specialization* tracks:

  • Engineering Project Management – In this unique track, students take advanced courses in project management and construction, software and industry, a laboratory in project management, how to use software to monitor and control projects, techniques for summoning projects, and more. 
  • Information Systems - This track prepares students to play the important role of bridging the gap between business activities of organizations, and the information systems that support and enable these activities. Among the courses studied as part of the specialization: advanced programming, databases, analysis and design of information systems, dynamic websites, human computer interface design, information retrieval and filtering, and more. The emphasis given in the track is on the usable design of the systems, and their fit to the organization and the end users.

Students who have successfully completed the program will be employed in their profession, assuming a wide range of positions in various fields. Our graduates currently fill key roles and senior managerial positions in some of the country's leading industries, such as: hi-tech, electronics, chemistry, food, and the security industry, to name a few. They are also successfully integrated in private companies and public organizations, as well as academia in Israel and worldwide. A study conducted amongst SCE graduates of the program has shown that 88% of them are successfully employed in their profession, while 10% have continued their studies to pursue a graduate degree.


*The specializations will not be included in the graduation certificate