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Ashdod, Israel's fifth largest city, is a vibrant and dynamic city, with a meticulous urban planning, well-kept residential neighborhoods, modern public buildings and advanced infrastructures, which offers its residents and entrepreneurs a well-balances and updated master plan with a wide variety of industrial, commercial and recreational zones.
Since its establishment in 1956, Ashdod has a reputation of an immigrant absorbing city, which welcomed all immigrants with open arms and turned the variety of their social and cultural fabric into an asset. Thanks to this asset the city developed into a prominent art and culture center, home to a rich and diverse artistic creation that fosters innovation and originality along with preservation of folklore and tradition.

Ashdod became one of the most important economic centers in Israel and a local metropolis thanks to its location on an important crossroads, not far from leading urban centers such as Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Beer Sheva, as well as its port, a major economic and tourist artery, and its three industrial zones. The city offers it residents a wealth of economic opportunities. The numerous initiatives of the municipality and its institutions in fund raising, urban development and finding new sources of income, enable most of Ashdod residents to earn a living in the city and benefit from its first-rate municipal services.
Ashdod is evolving and renewing in all aspects of urban life: education, tourism, industry, accommodation, sports, art and culture.
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