Exemption from courses due to prior studies:

Students from other academic institutions interested in admission to the Communication Systems and Cyber track will be required to complete all courses in the track curriculum.

Accreditation of the track after completing degree studies:

The degree certificate will indicate that the student completed the Communication and Cyber Track.


Communication Systems and Cyber Track admission requirements:

Students must submit an application form at the end of Semester A of their third year of studies.

Admission requirements to the Communication Systems and Cyber Track:

  • Final grade of at least 85 in the course “Data Structures”
  • Final grade of at least 85 in the course “Algorithms 2”
  • Final grade of at least 85 in the course “Introduction to Computer Communication”
  • Overall average grade of at least 80

Students who do not meet these requirements and were not admitted to the track can submit a request for admission to the admission committee.

In this case the student may be accepted for trial admission and required to receive a final grade of at least 85 in the track courses.  


Termination of studies in the Communication Systems and Cyber track:

Students in the Communication and Cyber track must meet all track requirements. Should one of the following conditions exist, the track committee will convene to discuss the student’s future in the study track:

  • Average annual grade and/or grade in track courses below 75
  • Academic disciplinary offense (according to the decision of the disciplinary committee)
  • Inadequate academic situation

Students that want to leave the track shall submit a request in writing to the head of the Communication and Cyber track. Discontinued studies in the track will not be approved in the fourth year of studies and/or after commencing the final project.