Communication and Cyber Track

The Communication and Cyber track qualifies outstanding graduates to meet the growing need for experts in the online communication and cybersecurity field in Israel and abroad, in industry and the military – wherever “cyber” is a term that includes computer and network security, both threats and attacks.

SCE, Shamoon College of Engineering established the Communication and Cyber track in the aim of meeting this need and providing outstanding software engineering graduates with the knowledge and experience needed to succeed in this field.

The Communication and Cyber track is intended for outstanding students, and students are only admitted at the end of their second year of software engineering studies.

Core studies in this track are the core studies in software engineering, in addition to separate practical training based on the Project Based Learning principle. Students will be required to study more in-depth subjects in the online communication and cybersecurity field, and will also have the opportunity to work on unique projects in the field in their fourth year of studies.