The specialization course in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cyber provide students in-depth knowledge and understanding combined with deep learning techniques and cyber security in the field of energy production, sharing and management.

As part of the specialization students will study the algorithms and architecture of deep learning, that enables the forecasting of energy demands and optimizing energy for the electricity network. Moreover, these methods can be used to analyze big data collected at various points along the electricity network, which will assist in recognizing trends and shapes developing along the network, through which it will be possible to recognize faults, to effectuate energy supply and improve network effectiveness.

As part of the cyber security studies in the field of energy, students will learn about the cyber threats and risks for the electricity network, as well as technological methods used to prevent and reduce the risk of cyber-attacks on the energy production and distribution systems.

Graduates specialized in AI and Cyber will have the knowledge and skills required to work as experts in the field of electricity network data security, forecasting and management of electrical energy.