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Tracks for Graduates and External Entrepreneurs

Start-up SCE

Graduates and entrepreneurs are welcome to join the Start-up SCE program. This program offers students the chance to acquire knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship and to gain experience in establishing a start-up – beginning with the identification of a business opportunity and through to the presentation of a business plan to potential investors.

The program includes the “Entrepreneurship Workshop” which will be held during the first semester, followed by an accelerator workshop during the second semester (4 academic hours each). The objective of the workshop and accelerator is to impart students with theoretical and experiential tools that will enable them to meet the challenges of the entrepreneurial world. The workshop will accompany the establishment of the program and its implementation, and will grant the tools required to build a business plan, and realize it. For this purpose, the program will provide practical tools for entrepreneurial endeavors, alongside a theoretical understanding and fundamental terminology. The workshop will also explore topics learned during the “Basic Concepts of Entrepreneurship” course, (to view the syllabus in Hebrew, click here) accompanied by relevant examples (such as final projects, student start-up ideas or programs for new projects in existing organizations).

The accelerator will mainly include individual practice of course topics, in which the students will gain experience in relevant endeavors, such as: patent writing, market evaluation, risk analysis, roadmap building, writing a financing program, and preparing various documents and presentations. To complete the course, students will submit a comprehensive business plan, and will present an investor’s presentation to the class (raising initial capital), which describes the final project/personal start-up or presents a general test case. Participation in this program requires a fee, and will be determined based on a personal interview. Projects that have significant potential may also be included in the SCE Hub program.


SCE Hub*

The SCE Hub will enable the development of student initiatives in the framework of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (for promising projects and graduates of Start-up SCE), and will be a platform for interactions with various external parties such as young entrepreneurs and SCE graduates. This requires a unique operational structure that will fulfill diverse needs. The operational model chosen is that of Foundry, a model that is geared towards transforming ideas into companies, and includes all stages of development. In essence, it can be viewed as an entity that, on one hand, includes an accelerator, and on the other hand, is capable of providing technical support in addition to business consulting. Contrary to accelerator programs, incubators and venture capital funds, that are dedicated to developing companies, the goal of the Hub is to establish companies, and therefore, can be of assistance to entrepreneurs that have not yet completed the first stage of development. This includes team building, writing the business plan and patent registration. A hub must also incorporate technological-scientific personnel, which adds a significant challenge to its creation and operation. Establishing a hub within SCE will leverage one of the college’s advantages – its research faculty – and create a significant value proposition for technological entrepreneurs that are starting their professional journey. Admission to the SCE Hub requires a fee and entry interview.


*This program is currently being developed, and is planned to begin during the 2018 or 2019 academic year