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Tracks for Students

Start-up SCE

Start-up SCE (formerly known as “Engineer-Entrepreneur”) is the center’s flagship program for entrepreneurship and innovation. This program offers students the chance to acquire knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship and to gain experience in establishing a start-up – beginning with the identification of a business opportunity and through to the presentation of a business plan to potential investors.

The program, which is conducted during the 4th year of studies, is intended for students from all of the college’s departments, and is based on the students’ own start-up ideas or on promising final projects.

To participate in this program, students will be required to pay an additional fee above the tuition, undergo a personal interview and achieve academic excellence. Scholarships will be provided to outstanding students of tracks that include extension studies abroad during the summer semester, to promising final projects (recommended by heads of departments), and to students that are participating in the young entrepreneurs program. Additionally, the program is open to graduates and external entrepreneurs. Projects that have significant potential may also be included in the SCE Hub program.

The program includes the course on “Basic Concepts of Entrepreneurship” (click here to view syllabus in Hebrew), which is a prerequisite, as well as the “Entrepreneurship Workshop” which will be held during the first semester, followed by an accelerator workshop during the second semester (4 academic hours each). The objective of the workshop and accelerator is to impart students with theoretical and experiential tools that will enable them to meet the challenges of the entrepreneurial world. The workshop will accompany the establishment of the program and its implementation, and will grant the tools required to build a business plan, and realize it. For this purpose, the program will provide practical tools for entrepreneurial endeavors, alongside a theoretical understanding and fundamental terminology. The workshop will also explore topics learned during the “Basic Concepts of Entrepreneurship” course, accompanied by relevant examples (such as final projects, student start-up ideas or programs for new projects in existing organizations). The accelerator will mainly include individual practice of course topics, in which the students will gain experience in relevant endeavors, such as: patent registration, market evaluation, risk analysis, roadmap building, writing a financing program, and preparing various documents and presentations. To complete the course, students will submit a comprehensive business plan, and will present an investor’s presentation to the class (raising initial capital), which describes the final project/personal start-up or presents a general test case.


SCE Hub*    

The SCE Hub program will include promising projects by Start-up SCE graduate entrepreneurs, who will stay at the college for an additional year. This will be conducted in the framework of graduate studies, funded by a study and livelihood scholarship, with the objective of maturing the start-up through to the stage in which external financing can be acquired. As part of the Hub experience, students will receive a workspace, individual guidance and legal assistance. Graduates of this program will benefit from a graduate degree, entrepreneurial experience and, potentially – a matured start-up of their own.


 *This program is currently being developed, and is planned to begin during the 2018 or 2019 academic year