An annual program of seminars and workshops was prepared for the enrichment and advancement of members of the academic staff. These seminars covered a variety of subjects and were held on both SCE campuses.

The Promotion of Teaching – Basic 2-Day Seminar: In accordance with the usual practice, established at SCE many years ago, newly-hired full-time lecturers are required to attend a two-day seminar during their first year at SCE, the goal of which is to promote and improve their teaching methods. In addition to the novices, certain veteran lecturers, who have received poor scores in their annual evaluations or have been referred to the Deans, are also asked to attend (for remedial instruction).

Seminars for Department/Unit Heads: A 2-day training seminar was held, given by a professional expert in management, that specifically dealt with the acquisition of those managerial skills required for both team leadership and international relations.

Branding Workshop for Professionals in Academia: This workshop dealt with the identification of the personal communication styles of each lecturer and the communication tools that may be used with the students. It taught the use of effective communication for the development of ‘unit cohesion’ (termed ‘unit pride’ in Hebrew) and to empower the students. It presented the lecturers as being SCE’s ‘calling cards’ and explained how each lecturer can create his/her own personal and institutional ‘calling cards’, as well as teaching self-branding via one-on-one communications with students/colleagues/superiors.

Faculty English Club: As part of the international vision of SCE, and towards the goal of improving the English language speaking skills of the lecturers, a Faculty English Club was founded on both campuses. Within this framework, faculty members met once a week for conversations, discussions, debates and to hear brief TED talks in English, moderated by lecturers from the English Unit.

Workshop on “Prezi” Professional Presentation Software: This workshop taught faculty members how to plan and make different, surprising and refreshing visual presentations using “Prezi” Presentation Software, that produces displays for the presentation of ideas on a virtual canvas.

It’s All in the Voice: This special workshop gave the lecturers the tools for proper vocal behavior. The participants learned about the vocal system, received practical instruction on speaking correctly; did simple vocal exercises daily to improve their voices; and got tips for the creation of new lifelong habits.

Workshop on Preparing Examinations: This workshop was meant for lecturers who write their own course examinations based on short-answer questions, calling for problem solving or brief written answers. The participants acquired knowledge and tools to help them write valid and reliable examinations. This workshop revealed the main principles for formulating tests, while honing their function within the learning process, to meet learning goals and outcomes.

LinkedIn: To date, LinkedIn has over 560 million registered members (profiles) from 200 countries around the world; Israel itself has over 2,500,000 registered members. This fact has made the LinkedIn professional-commercial network the strongest of its kind on Earth. The goal of this network is to connect professionals and create professional connections (‘networking’), in order to promote the exchange of professional knowledge, to brand professional expertise and to disseminate academic articles and research. The true challenges are hidden behind the knowledge and the experience, enabling the utilization of resources made accessible to all its members via the LinkedIn network.

Teaching by means of the PBL Method: A concentrated, one-day seminar attended by all the lecturers on the SCE Ashdod Campus provided familiarization with/and experience in using the PBL teaching method. The motivation and necessity for the use of PBL were examined. The lecturers gained practical experience in the eight stages of the PBL process: choosing a mega-topic and dividing into groups; posing a challenging question; gathering data; creating outcomes; getting feedback from colleagues; constructing an indicator; formulating a presentation; doing reflective self-evaluation, as well as the conceptualization of the entire experience, from theory to practical application and vice versa.

Teaching in a Diversified Classroom: Within the framework of their routine work, lecturers are responsible for teaching and the actual transmission of knowledge. In addition, they find themselves dealing, more and more, with interpersonal issues resulting from intergenerational, cultural and other gaps that oblige them to speedily and effectively manage these differences, while maintaining the essence and goals of their roles as lecturers.

Advanced Use of Excel: A dedicated workshop in the use of Excel for lecturers in the Department of Industrial Management on the Ashdod Campus.

Succession Planning: This consisted of a series of seminars held throughout an academic year, offered to the heads of academic departments/units, dealing with the following topics: the development of personal leadership skills; interpersonal communication; the development and management of a team; worker motivation; managerial decision making; etc.