Dr. Iko Avital

Dr. Iko Avital

Iko Avital is a multidisciplinary designer with awarded reputation in Design, Research and Teaching Quality for more than thirty years, who views creative and innovative thinking as a self-important mission, and main goal in his varied pedagogical activities. iko has won international design awards and patents, many in Israel - including the 'Israel Museum' prestigious award for illustration, 'Israel Stars' awards for Packaging, and 'Gold Feather' for Design

Iko was involved in setting departments of design and innovative programs. He still invited to run creativity workshops abroad, to chair session, to review conferences papers, also as Scientific Committee Member, Jury Member for International and National design competitions; and as an examiner of PhD thesis's and oral dissertations defense. He is still permanent visiting professor in IIT - Indian Institute of Technology, since 1998. During 2011-2013 he was faculty in IIT Guwahati and IIT Bombay

Former: Head of Department and Foundation Studies in HIT, Board member in WPO (World Packaging Organization). Head of IGDA (Israeli Graphic Design Association), Director of IIP (Israel Institute of Packaging); CEO of ADG (Avital Design Group), and Noniko Creations

His research Interests: Creativity and Innovation, Design Research and strategy, Design Methods, Visual Communication Design, Product R&D, Retail Design, Packaging Design, and Cultural Sustainability


Mechanical engineering
Senior teacher
Be'er Sheva

Be'er Sheva

200 Katsir(50)


2004-2006  Ph.D. in Faculty of Arts.  CPU - Constantin Philosopher University, Slovakia.  Dissertation title: SPIRALIS-Holistic and contextual Creativity Method in Design.  Adviser: Prof. Eva Capsova     

2002-2004  MA. in Expressive Arts.  Dissertation title: Holistic Method in Design Teaching.  Adviser: Prof. Yagur Tamar

1986-1988 - Diploma in Psychology, External Learning Tel-Aviv University, Israel.

1983-1984 - Diploma in Etching Art – Elharizi Artsists House, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

1981-1982 - Diploma in Retail Strategies - Institute of Commerce and Industries,

                     Tel-Aviv, Israel.

1976-1978 – Diploma in Packaging and Logistics. The Israeli Institute of Packaging,

                      Tel-Aviv, Israel.

1973-1975 - Diploma in Printing Crafts, ArtCenter, Jerusalem:, Israel.     

1968-1972  B.Des. In Visual Communication Design.  Bezalel, Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel.


Creativity and Innovation
Design Research and strategy
Design Methods
Visual Communication Design
Product R&D
Retail Design
Packaging Design
​Cultural Sustainability


Since 2013  B.Sc. Creativity and Innovation Courses
Product Design
History and Philosophy of Design