Dr. Izhak Ladizhensky

Dr. Izhak Ladizhensky

I have Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, in the field of Heat and Mass Transfer Engineering. I have published 7 Books, 69 Papers and 32 Inventions. I`m teaching 6 main courses on energy topics


Mechanical engineering
Senior lecturer
Be'er Sheva

Be'er Sheva

215 Katsir(50)


1974-1978  Ph.D. Scientific Research Institute of Hydrology, Moscow, USSR. Specialization: Heat and Mass Transfer Engineering

1964-1969  M.Sc. Faculty of Thermophysics Engineering, Technological Institute, Odessa, USSR


Liquid Atomization Process,

Cryogenic Treatment of Materials,

Membrane Distillation,

Cooling and Air Conditioning,

Thermal Energy Storage,

Boiling Heat Transfer