Ms. Miriam Dagan

Ms. Miriam Dagan

I work as a Head of Mathematics Unit, Lecturer and Researcher at Shamoon College of Engineering since its foundation in 1995. My interests include tertiary education, pedagogical strategies for developing creative mathematical thinking, graphical approaches for teaching pre-calculus and effective strategies in teaching of students with learning disabilities


Mathematics department
Head of department, Teacher
Be'er Sheva
Be'er Sheva

Be'er Sheva

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M. Sc.        1994-1997                  Department of Mathematics and Computers, Ben

                                                Gurion University. Name of advisor: Prof. Aisenberg, T.

                                                 Name of Thesis:  "Inequalities in mathematics teaching:

                                                 Deductive possibilities, learning difficulties and the ways to

                                                 cope with them”

B.Sc.       1968-1973         Department of Mathematics and Computers, Bar Ilan   University.


Different aspects of Mathematics Education, psychology of concept formation, strategies for developing of creative mathematical thinking, graphical approaches.