Campus Development

Auditorium and Lecture Halls
Auditorium Lecture Halls SCE’s has three circular, tiered halls for lectures, conferences, and special events, each capable of accommodating 110 occupants. When the dividing walls are removed and the halls joined, they convert into an amphitheater-like auditorium with triple the seating capacity. All of the halls have audio-video and digital equipment and presentation screens. International conferences are held in the auditorium which also serves the Beer Sheva community for meetings and events. At the entrance to the auditorium is a large foyer for receptions at special events. 

Suggested donation : 
Auditorium - $500,000 
Lecture Hall - $200,000 


SCE’s rapid expansion has created an acute need for classrooms on both campuses. Classrooms should be comfortable work spaces with audio-visual equipment and computerized podiums for instruction. Two sizes are needed: small (for 40-50 students) and large (for 50-75 students). The design will vary according to the layout and department specifications. The classrooms will be used throughout the year, including summer months, and will be open daily from 08:00 to 22:00. 

Suggested donation : 
Classroom- 50-75 students - $75,000 
Classroom- 40-50 students - $50,000 


Conference Room 
The new executive conference room at SCE will offer a spacious and updated setting for routine gatherings and special occasions held at the campus. Meticulously designed and equipped with the most advanced facilities, this unique venue is perfect for meetings as well as press conferences, training sessions, special events and more. With a capacity of 40 persons and a seating area of 20 around its large table, this conference room combines functional convenience with ultimate comfort. 

Suggested donation - $50,000

SCE Synagogue 
SCE Synagogue The opportunity to build a synagogue in Israel is an experience like no other. Providing a space of sanctity for prayer, introspection, reflection and community, the synagogue at SCE will be open and available to any and all who seek it. Faculty members, administrative staff and students alike will all enjoy the unique atmosphere this synagogue will have to offer – within the context of the academic facilities. The synagogue will be open for prayer sessions throughout the day and evening, and will also offer services on holidays and special occasions. Understanding the importance of faith as a key factor for success and achievement, both personally and professionally, we are proud to offer the chance to anyone who wishes to take part in this significant project. 

Suggested donation - $2,000,000 

Minimum donation for naming plaque: $50,000