Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Entrepreneurship and innovation Center (EIC) are two key factors which position SCE as a unique entity within the academic arena. This approach is the fuel behind the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, which was established with the goal of promoting student and faculty initiatives and playing a leading role in launching technological enterprises. The center provides counseling and support services for implementing technological ideas. It assists students in developing the necessary skills for entrepreneurship and innovation, while forging ties between academia and industry and serving as a leading springboard for innovation and creativity. The center targets faculty members, students, graduates and various external entities, creating collaborations and frameworks that propel ideas and engineering initiatives forward. The center is focused around several tasks: Training students in technological entrepreneurship (the Engineer Entrepreneur Program). Individual business coaching for outstanding projects (students, faculty members, graduates). Research in technological entrepreneurship. Training managers in technological entrepreneurship (in and outside the organization). Business counseling and support in preparing projects for commercial development. 

Tuition per student for four year track including 
summer school and entrepreneurship program - $12,000

“Start Up SCE” Israel’s most valuable resource is the minds of its young generation. Today the acquisition of knowledge and technical “Start Up SCE” skills are not enough to produce first-rate engineers: students must be trained to think as innovative entrepreneurs. “Start Up SCE” not only helps students materialize their projects, but also teaches marketing skills and the conceptualization of professional business planning. “Start Up SCE” is the brainchild of SCE’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (EIC) whose goal is to turn talented students into bona fide entrepreneurs. In the initial stage, 300 select juniors and seniors will attend special courses in business, marketing, and product development. A “core” of 30 students, whose projects are deemed to have the greatest potential, will participate in an intense program in their final year that includes individual mentoring, meetings with entrepreneurs from Israel and abroad, and discussions with experts in venture capital. The aim is to have their projects succeed commercially. 

Suggested Donation: $300,000 
You receive recognition and naming of the program