Laboratory Equipment

Electronic Engineering Laboratories
Lab work is an essential part of engineering studies and is especially needed in electrical and electronic engineering where Electronic Engineering Laboratories the experience that students gain provides them with practical skills for future employment. SCE’s electronic labs operate according to the highest technological standards. Students receive hands-on experience in electronic components, power supply, converters, rectifiers, filters, control systems, and power factor adaptor systems. Their final project enables them to become qualified engineers in high-tech specialized fields and various areas of electronic engineering. Each campus has five electronic labs: a signal processing and communications lab, electronic circuit lab, industrial and power electronics lab, energy conversion lab, and micro-computer lab. Each lab can accommodate 16-20 students. 

Suggested donation - $200,000 

Chemical Engineering Laboratories 
The Department of Chemical Engineering at SCE is the largest such department in Israel, with 350 students currently enrolled. 12 new laboratories were recently opened, spanning an area of Chemical Engineering Laboratories 1,700 square meters and furnished with cutting-edge technology and facilities. The new laboratories have been designed to significantly improve students’ learning experience and serve as an important research platform for faculty members and students alike. Fourth year students are also involved as active participants in innovative research projects alongside faculty members. The new laboratories include four chemistry labs (analytic, organic, physics and bio-chemistry), two biology labs (micro-biology and genetics), one chemical engineering lab and one bio-technology lab. They enable in-depth learning while encouraging breakthrough academic achievements. SCE is committed to excellence and innovative thinking. Therefore, the college places great effort on making the most advanced facilities available to students, and providing the best tools possible through which to develop the next great idea. With top-tier infrastructure, a supportive learning atmosphere and professional faculty guidance, the Chemical Engineering Department at SCE provides a comprehensive academic environment that enables students to learn more, achieve more – and bring out the most from within themselves. 

Suggested donation - $100,000

Manufacturing Technology Laboratory 
SCE’s Mechanical Engineering Department combines theoretical studies with practical skills in high- and low-tech machinery, design, and products. The Manufacturing Technologies Laboratory is essentially a learning and production workshop in mechatronics and product design. Students study molding processes, plastic formation, welding and soldering, thermal processes and treatment, polymers, machine component assembly, and multidisciplinary technologies such as rapid prototyping. Much of the students’ junior and senior years are devoted to the final project, generally an innovative product designed with the help of the sophisticated machinery in the manufacturing technologies lab. Currently each campus has two such labs. 

Suggested donation - $200,000

Central Computer Hub 
Central Computer Hub Computers are a basic tool in engineering studies. A large portion the students work requires the use of computers and mastery of complex computer programs. At present the computer hub has two adjoining rooms with a number of printers and 24 computers and monitors that specialize in engineering software packages. The hub is open daily between 08:00-23:00 and is staffed by maintenance technicians and instructors who assist the students with their assignments and projects. The instructors are generally graduate students or students in their senior year. Both rooms can be arranged for either class activity or individual work. The hubs’ computers are upgraded on a regular basis. 

Suggested donation - $200,000 

Minimum donation for naming plaque: $100,000