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Corrosion Research Center – CRC 
Corrosion Research Center – CRC SCE’s Corrosion Research Center is recognized in the scientific community for its cutting-edge research into theoretical and Corrosion Research Center – CRC applied solutions for the destructive effects of corrosion. Corrosion is the plague of Israeli industry in general (chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, waste management and water transportation) and in the Negev in particular. The director of the Corrosion Research Center (Beer Sheva Campus) is responsible for the work program and progress in research projects. Assisting him is a staff of graduate students and researchers with doctorate degrees. The CRC is affiliated with numerous scientific organizations and as such sponsors an annual corrosion conference attended by hundreds of experts and scholars from Israel and abroad. The center’s activities include: enhancing corrosive resistance in advanced materials; reducing corrosive fatigue; and corrosion prevention and testing in building materials and the automotive and aerospace industries. 

Suggested donation - $250,000 


Green Processes Research Center 
Green Processes Research Center SCE’s Green Processes Research Center is one of the college’s five research centers. Its main focus is theoretical and applied Green Processes Research Center research in sustainable processes for industry and society. Located in the Chemical Engineering Department, the center aspires to be the spearhead of green engineering, green chemistry and clean technology in Israel. Its goal is sustainable development in creating new industries that generate economic growth while protecting the environment. This is critical in all regions, but especially so in the Negev with its fragile desert ecosystem. The center’s theoretical research and applied projects concentrate on clean materials for industry and recycling systems for waste treatment based on biological and chemical catalysts. A significant portion of the Green Processes Research Center’s work is devoted to community outreach. This is realized through educational activities that SCE faculty members and students bring to schools and community centers. The center organizes conferences on sustainability issues throughout the year. 

Suggested donation - $200,000 


Minimum donation for naming plaque: $100,000