Software Quality Center (SQC)

Head of the Center: Dr. Hadas Chassidim

"Software is eating the world”. These are the words used by the man who invented the web, Mark Andersen, to describe the exponential expansion of software engineering (SE), the transition from monolithic systems to micro-services, and unexpected events caused by the complexities of environments. Infrastructure can be viewed today as a code that connects various components through cloud-computing to deliver hardware, software, and services. Software engineering is geared towards vertical applications that specialize in a specific niche, and therefore there is a need for research hub dedicated to different areas that all have micro-cloud services, agile practices and continuous delivery in common. This innovative trend shortens development time and costs, yet increases complexity and alters the way software quality and testing is viewed. There is no doubt that these challenges increase the need for research and development, with particular emphasis on software quality and testing.

As part of our software engineering vision at SCE, we aim to promote and implement software quality and testing through research and teaching, by incorporating it as an integral part of the curriculum from day one. This approach is reflected in the department's orientation towards integrating processes and tests on a broad scope throughout the curriculum, as well as by offering a unique specialization track specifically designed to promote research in this field.

The department has set a goal for itself to promote collaborations with the industry, in order to establish a crucial foundation for research and for applied projects, international conferences, exposure to future trends, and identify and minimize existing gaps.

The establishment of an applied research center in the area of software quality at SCE will serve as a core for innovative research and cooperation with various entities from within the industry, the creation of human capital, the promotion of methodologies and quality indices, testing in mobile environments, IoT, as well as requirements engineering and exploring human aspects of software development. During the past year, collaborative research and initiatives have already begun with the industry. The establishment of such a center will enable constant and significant work in the various fields, while including undergraduate and graduate students in all its endeavors.


Contact Informaion:
Dr. Hadas Chassidim
Tel: 972-8-6475889
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