Energy and Numerical Simulations Research Center

The Research Center for Energy and Numerical Simulations was established in the Mechanical Engineering Department of SCE. The center performs applied theoretical and experimental research on energy that combines fields of thermal sciences, heat and mass transfer, multiphase flows, cryogenics, and transport phenomena. The theoretical modelling is performed on a dedicated computer cluster dedicated to numerical simulations. The experimental studies are conducted on laboratory experimental systems and devices developed by the center researchers. The laboratory is equipped with modern measuring devices including high-speed camera and a laser diffraction device.

Primary investigators in the research center are Dr. Gedalya Mazor - director of the center, Dr. Maksim Mezhericher – team leader, energy and numerical simulations, and Dr. Itzhak Ladizhensky – team leader, energy and experimental systems.

The main research topics of the center are: production of submicron and nano- droplets and particles by a new liquid atomization method (patent pending), milling of hard particles, mixing of immiscible liquids, development of medical devices, new method of fast freezing food, enhancement of heat transfer in fast cryogenic treatment of materials, shock waves reflection, and ecological monitoring.

Contact information:

Director: Dr. Gedalya Mazor

Tel: +972-8-647-5630

Mobile +972-54-773-3802

E-mail: [email protected]