Electric Drive Research Center

The Center for Electrical Drive, established in 2014, engages in two main fields: developing a linear motor operating on the principle of the (non-magnetic) electric field, and improving motor power using special non-conventional methods.

The first field of study involves the development of a mechanical and electronic system for a linear motor that only operates in the electric field. Its operating principle is based on the pulling of a plate made of core ceramic material with a very high dielectric constant. In the first stage a linear bi-directional motor is developed that will move using electronic control with the suitable currents. In the second stage a stepper linear motor can be developed, as well as a stepper rotational motor. The ceramic material is developed at the Ceramic Materials Center.

In the second field of study innovative energy-saving propulsion methods are examined, particularly in large machines. Development activity is currently focused on proving the proposed solution for small motors, and at a later stage will be proposed for larger systems.

Methods and tools were developed in the laboratory to measure the dielectric constant of ceramic materials, and also for measuring temperature-dependent electrical properties in the aim of using the material as the core for electrostatic motors.

Several researchers participate in the Electrical Drive Center, as well as students from the Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering departments employed as scholarship students. The Center’s funding source is the Kamin Foundation which recognized the research as a select application project. 


Director: Prof. Saad Tapuchi

Tel: +972-8-647-5700

Mobile: +972-54-773-3809

E-mail: [email protected]