The Negev Monte Carlo Research Center (NMCRC)

Negev Monte Carlo Research Center (NMCRC) - a research center that specializes in Monte Carlo simulation.

The NMCRC brought together scientists from a variety of fields – mathematicians, physicists, chemists, biologists, and software engineers – in order to develop simulation tools for different scientific spheres, utilizing the requirements, rigors, and standards of software engineering.

Over the years, the scope of the NMCRC center expanded from Monte Carlo simulation to the applied Computational Science, and Engineering Center, which exploits the power of computation to provide scientific software products for a variety of scientific and engineering fields under proven principles, approaches, tools, and standards.

The goal of the Negev Monte Carlo Research Center is to combine research in physical, environmental, biological, chemical, and medical models with proven software capability, while ensuring software quality, software development, methodology, and advanced testing standards.

Contact information:

Director: Prof. Shlomo Mark

Tel: +972-8-8519-078

Mobile +972-54-773-3842

E-mail: [email protected]