Study of Ceramic Materials Research Center

The Center, established in 2015, is engaged in the development of ceramic materials from nanoparticle powders to obtain a relatively high dielectric constant, above hundreds of thousands. The three basic nanoparticle powder compounds studied are CaCu3Ti4O12,  BaSrTiO3 and BaZrTiO3.

The study takes into consideration variable parameters such as temperature profile, sintering temperature, grain size and degree of powder purity. The mechanical properties must be suitable for both pulling and for mechanical strength.

In addition to use of these materials for the motor developed by the Electric Drive Center, they also have extensive use in the production of large capacitors and high-frequency antennas.

The Center for the Study of Ceramic Materials, established with funding from the Kamin Foundation, is equipped and accessorized with the most advanced research tools, including: a stabilization and temperature controlled oven of up to 1,600 degrees, a grinder for grinding materials into very thin powders, a high-accuracy sophisticated 3D printer and a fume extraction system suitable for the work conducted at the Center. The Center is also equipped with all the equipment required for producing ceramic materials – molds, crushers, etc.

Several researchers participate in the Center, as well as students from the Electrical Engineering and Chemical Engineering departments employed as scholarship students.


Director: Prof. Saad Tapuchi

Tel: +972-8-647-5700

Mobile: +972-54-773-3809

E-mail: [email protected]