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Social Projects

Engineering for the Community

The objective of this program is to facilitate mutual engineering work amongst students from the mechanical engineering department and high school students. Joint teams from SCE and high schools work together to create a scientific toy designed to explain a particular engineering topic. These mutual teams plan the product based on academic information from courses taught at the mechanical engineering department and according to the course criteria. The transfer of information or a scientific idea is conducted through playing with the toy.  The mutual work on all these projects leads to the creation of the "Havayeda" ("Knowledgexperience") school center. This experience exposes high school students to college students and academia, while empowering them and promoting their future and personal goals. SCE awards a scholarship for studies to all participating students. This project is conducted under the academic guidance of Dr. Guy Ben Hemo, head of the mechanical engineering department at Ashdod Campus.  

Socially Oriented Final Project

The "Socially Oriented Final Project" scholarship is intended for students of all departments who are in the process of selecting a topic for their final project. The goal of this program is to encourage students to choose a final engineering project that has a social aspect to it. Students use engineering tools they acquired throughout their studies in order to create a final project with an added social value. One such example is the development of equipment designed to assist people who are living with a physical disability, or programming an app that reminds people to take their medication. Students that are accepted to the program will receive an incentivizing scholarship. This program is conducted under the academic guidance of Dr. Guy Ben Hemo, head of the mechanical engineering department at Ashdod Campus.  

Developing Mathematical Thinking

SCE students that have successfully completed an academic course on "Developing Mathematical Thinking" are welcome to participate in a mentoring program for high school students, where they teach them creative and experiential methods for developing mathematical thinking. Program participants are awarded a scholarship by SCE. This program is conducted under the academic guidance of Ms. Miriam Dagan, head of the mathematics unit at Be'er Sheva Campus.

Promoting Women in Engineering Studies

The objective of this project is to raise women's awareness regarding engineering studies in general, and specifically increasing the number of women studying engineering, an area which currently lacks their presence.  In the framework of this project, female students participate in coaching workshops designed to maximize their individual potential. Here they acquire tools for personal empowerment and develop their leadership skills, as they meet high ranking women in the industry, science and academia. Program participants are awarded a scholarship by SCE as well as a personal mentor. During their second year of the program, the participants will share some of their acquired knowledge with female high school students. This program is conducted under the academic guidance of Prof. Dorit Tavor, The President's advisor on gender fairness.

Courses for the Community

These courses are offered free of charge to the residents of the "A" neighborhood of Be'er Sheva, and "B" quarter of Ashdod, where the SCE campuses are located. The topics of these courses vary, and include: beginners English, advanced English, computers, structural maintenance, recycling art, amongst others.

Gender and Technology

In this academic course, students deal with the main issue pertaining to gender: why don't women choose a career within the technologies segment? This course also discusses various ways to create a change in this area. Another aspect of this course includes a mentoring program of female high school students, with the goal of offering them a view of the career opportunities in technology, and to help create real, long term change.