The Finance Department is an administrative unit that provides services pertaining to monetary, financial, budgetary and administrative issues. The objectives of this department are to handle the college’s finances in a professional, efficient and high quality manner, and to safeguard the college’s assets while ensuring that all academic and administrative departments benefit from a continuously efficient and supportive workflow.

The Finance Department is responsible for the following areas: budgeting the college’s work plans, guidance and assistance for planning and preparing the ongoing budget for all of the college’s departments and units, general resource allocation, yearly planning, purchasing and acquisitions, accounting system management, collection and payments.

The department manages financial issues, prepares calculations, examines feasibility, provides pricing for services and activities with internal and external parties, prepares financial specifications of agreements and contracts, maintains communications with various administrative units within the college, defines budgets per roles, allocates spaces, defines pricing and budgets for new study programs, academic projects, collaborative initiatives with external parties, implements the decisions of the tender committee, handles agreements, contracts and financial commitments with suppliers and service providers, handles money collection, and more. 

The department comprises the following units:

  • Budgets
  • Accounting
  • Purchasing and Agreements
  • Student Accounts


Department Management

VP Finance
Ms. Naomi Vinberger, CPA
Tel: 08-6475691
Fax: 08-6475692
Email: [email protected]

Administrative Assistant
Ms. Oshrit Cohen
Tel: 08-6475825
Fax: 08-6475692
Email: [email protected]