Human Resources

Human resource management entails various aspects of decision making, pertaining to the recruitment, sorting, training and development of the organization's human capital. This is all based on the fundamental understanding that the cultivation of individuals promotes optimal productivity, and improves the overall effectiveness of the organization.

The Human Resources department at SCE is driven by this approach in all of its areas of responsibility, including:

Employee Recruitment and Selection: Identifying personnel requirements, candidate selection according to job descriptions, and pinpointing the ideal candidate.

New Employee Reception:  Administrative faculty and academic faculty

Training:  identifying training requirements for college employees, and providing the relevant training and/or communications with external trainers, managing continuing education programs

Employee Evaluations: Improving employee performance levels and internal communications within the organization

Human Resource Management: Employee promotions and mobility, promotions and pay raises, updating terms of employment, employment termination and retirement

Social welfare: Organizing cultural and welfare activities, in collaboration with the college's workers committee

The HR department is an active partner, alongside the SCE leadership, in defining the strategic plan of the college, and designing its human resources policies, and continuously strives to achieve the organization's goals and successfully manage its human capital. This department is driven by the vision of realizing the personal, professional and organizational potential of each and every one of the college's staff members, and to enhance the satisfaction of each SCE faculty member.

Department Faculty

Head of HR Department - Ms. Miri Koren

Head of Technical Administrative Staff Division - Ms. Debora Korem

Head of Academic Faculty Division - Ms. Miri Tayeb

Administrative Assistant - Ms. Yearit Katzav

Academic Faculty Staff Member - Ms. Michal Peretz