Mission and Responsibility Areas

The mission of the Operations Department on the Ashdod Campus is to provide professional, rapid and efficient service to faculty members (academic and administrative), students and guests.

It also aims to maintain a safe, clean and secure work environment while taking into consideration the College’s academic mission and its procedures.

Responsibility Areas:

  • Maintenance – planned and initiated maintenance of buildings and systems and handling breakdowns, all in order to maintain proper functioning and to enable orderly activity (elevators, fire detection and extinguishing systems, public address systems, cleaning, air conditioning, furniture, electricity, security, renovation and construction, gardening, pest control, sewage and waste).
  • Operation – purchasing, transportation, internal and external mail, issuing equipment, security, registering and taking inventory, accessibility, transport and moving, ceremonies and events, activity during emergencies.
  • Safety – professional guidelines for existing laboratories and laboratories under construction, working order of devices and systems, training and refresher training for safety trustees and first aid, integrating MSDS, enforcing safety procedures, convening safety committees.