International Travel Insurance

SCE and Lehavim Agency, The Center for Collective Insurance have joined forces to offer an international travel insurance policy for the college's faculty.  The selected policy, furnished by the Phoenix Insurance Company, includes beneficial clauses compared with the common policies in the market, and is for SCE faculty members travelling abroad for the purpose of business or pleasure.   

Please note that faculty members whose international travels are funded by SCE budgets (approved by scientific relations committee, management committee, etc.) are required to insure their travels with the stated policy and through Lehavim Agency only.

Employees traveling abroad for personal purposes may enjoy the benefits of the offered policy. For your convenience, the following is a link to the Lehavim Agency website: This website offers easy and convenient access to the insurance policy, available at your fingertips.

The following are the changes and unique and significant improvements in the policy of Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd. as included in the basic policy – not including additional payments and without rate changes:

  1. Medical expenses incurred for hospitalization abroad, with unlimited surgeon's fees, hospitalization fees, medication, etc.
  2. $600,000 hospitalization expenses and medical expenses upon worsening of chronic diseases/existing conditions.
  3.   $35 deductable fee only
  4. Period of insurance – up to 365 days, with an additional extension period possibility
  5. Air/land evacuation from event location to the nearest hospital – unlimited up to the maximum sum of the insurance
  6. Maximum notification period regarding illness/accident prior to leaving Israel – only 3 months
  7. Travel cancellation (loss of security deposit) up to 90 days prior to travel date, and up to the insurance sum of $10,000
  8. Shortening travel period up to $10,000
  9. Special compensation for hospitalization abroad for every hospitalization day starting from the 3rd day, and up to $4,000
  10. Emergency travel expenses for a relative, up to $5,000
  11. Laptop coverage $2,000
  12. Personal luggage $3,000
  13. Delayed luggage arrival up to $500
  14. Pregnancy expenses $200,000 up to week 23 and until age 42 (may be extended to week 32)
  15. Special coverage for "sabbaticals" – the policy will remain valid regardless of entries and exists to/from Israel during the sabbatical period

In addition, the basic policy may be extended through various special programs (at added costs) via the online request form. Examples of the offered programs: extreme sports, search and rescue, pregnancy plan, cellular phone robbery, cancellation of deductable fees for a rented car, competitive sorts, cancelled business meeting, etc.

Detailed Request Form for International Travel:

Faculty members who are traveling with the Lehavim policy for the first time are required to do the following:

  1. Fill in the detailed request form by clicking here
  2. Fill in the short health questionnaire by clicking here
  3. If at least one of the answers to the health questions was positive, they must fill out a detailed health questionnaire and send it by fax to the insurance agency's office at: 08-6654605, and include all relevant medical documents.

Shortened Request Form for International Travel:

The shortened request form for international travel is intended for faculty members who have been previously insured by Lehavim, and have already filled out a shortened health questionnaire in the past.

These terms include:

A shortened health questionnaire has been filled in and there is no need to fill out a detailed health questionnaire
No time limit as long as there has not been a change in medical condition

The shortened request form for international travel is intended for faculty members who have been previously insured by Lehavim, have already filled out a shortened health questionnaire in the past and have not experienced a change in their medical condition, and subject to the following conditions:

Have filled out a detailed health questionnaire that is valid for 12 months only
After 12 months, a new detailed questionnaire must be filled

To fill out a shortened request form, click here 

To complete the international travel insurance process, you will be contacted by a representative of the insurance agency, in order to request your credit card information. The policy coverage certification will be sent to you through a returning email.

Exit and return dates must be filled in (please note: night flights and long flights occasionally arrive on the following date to what was originally stated, and therefore an additional day must be insured).

Access from any worldwide location is possible through the Lehavim website and the Phoenix website, you can find all necessary information, including the insurance policy, health questionnaires, various claim forms for health and luggage, emergency phone numbers, coverage forms, etc.

Don't wait for the last day before your trip. It is best to order your insurance in advance through the Lehavim website and benefit from "lost security deposit" insurance free of charge.