“We are acting to add Kaye Academic College of Education to the SCE"

“We are acting to add Kaye Academic College of Education to the SCE in Be’er Sheva” – said Education Minister, Rafi Peretz, during a visit today (Tuesday) to the SCE. In his meeting with SCE President, Prof. Jehuda Haddad, the minister described an extensive plan to merge teaching colleges throughout the country. As part of this plan the minister informed that he is acting, together with the Council for Higher Education in Israel (CHE), to merge the SCE with Kaye Academic College for Education in Be’er Sheva. According to the Ministry of Education and the CHE, the education college will become another SCE campus and will continue to award degrees and certificates in education.

Prof. Haddad said that: “The Minister’s words are encouraging and I am glad that there is agreement among the country’s senior leadership with SCE management regarding the future of academia in Israel. I thank the minister for his visit and am confident that the plan regarding Kaye College will significantly contribute to the students and the city”.

Minister of Education Peretz: “The merger with Kay College will give you an additional boost, and we are happy to increase and expand higher education in Be’er Sheva. Narrowing the gaps in Israel is the number one challenge of Israeli society. At the Ministry of Education we expanded the plan to advance the periphery to additional cities as well. I see a close connection between studying mathematics, English and the sciences in high school and engineering studies.

“I strive, and I say this as a Minister of Education who grew up in the periphery and still live there, to advance the periphery. We will continue to develop engineering students in the periphery. We want to increase the incentives to these students, so that they come to Be’er Sheva to study from the outset and not as an afterthought”.

Information about SCE students was presented to the minister. SCE President, Prof. Haddad, highlighted that 65% of SCE students over the years were the first generation in their family to study in academia and pursue a Bachelor’s degree.

The minister noted that, “The data you showed me is amazing. The college here is an important and critical tool for shattering the glass ceiling. The fact that many students here are first generation in higher education is amazing and exciting. You are involved in a sacred undertaking for the State of Israel and the People of Israel”.