Designing the Future: Recruiting the Faculty and Developing the Curriculum for the SCE School of Design

In March the SCE and southern Israel in general received wonderful news: the Council for Higher Education (CHE), the entity responsible, among other things, for the expansion of higher education institutions and for authorizing the award of an academic degree, granted the SCE its approval to establish a school of design.

The new faculty, that will include interior design, visual communication and product design studies, and for the first time in southern Israel also architecture studies, is planned be built in the Vered Camp compound located in the Old City of Beer Sheva. SCE is already working diligently on recruiting the faculty and putting together a detailed curriculum which will be submitted to the CHE for review.

SCE President, Professor Jehuda Haddad, called the news “a groundbreaking step for the College and the entire Negev”, and committed that “the College will continue to be groundbreaking and innovative”. Prof. Haddad thanked all those involved in this endeavor, “and especially our partners from the Beer Sheva Municipality and to the person at its head, our dear friend Ruvik Danilovich”.