Electrical and Electronics Engineering and its influence on the world

From ipads, tablets and smart phones to "Iron Dome" and numerous other sophisticated and significant projects; from electric vehicles and various mobile systems to the production of solar and turbine energy powered by natural gas – the future starts with electrical and electronics engineering studies.

The multi faceted technological revolution, rapid developments and increasing competitiveness within this field, along with the significant changes in the global electricity market and its transition to natural gas have led to an unprecedented demand for outstanding electrical and electronics engineers.

We have all recently witnessed the impressive capabilities of the "Iron Dome" system; very few are aware of the fact that many graduates of the SCE Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department worked on this system. "There aren't a lot of professions that enable you to be involved in such fascinating projects," says Menny, an engineering graduate of SCE, who lead the radar project of "Iron Dome", "and there is no greater reward than being part of a project that saves lives."

The study program in electrical and electronics engineering is focused on training top quality, leading engineers that will specialize in one of the following fields of expertise: circuit development, control and communications, electrical engineering at enterprises and power plants, industrial monitoring and automation systems, amongst others. The knowledge acquired during the program in electrical and electronics engineering enables graduates to integrate successfully in a wide range of areas. Graduates of this department are employed in some of the leading companies within the market, including Elta, Intel, Negev Nuclear Research Center, Amdocs, and Israel Electric Corporation, to name a few.

The evolving energy sector in Israel has also been generating demands for engineers with a graduate degree, specializing in areas pertaining to energy production, transportation and use. The graduate degree program in electrical and electronics engineering with a specialization track in power systems and energy provides a supply for these demands, while allowing graduates to specialize in various fields such as the electronics of the power system, energy sources and smart grids.