For the First time in Southern Israel: B.A. in Visual Communication

The four-year degree program will already begin this coming October * This is wonderful news for thousands of young people in the south who want to acquire knowledge and education in this field but currently can only do so in central and northern Israel

The new B.A. program in Visual Communication, B.Des, is planned to open at the college in the 2021-2022 academic year. This is wonderful news for young people living in the southern part of the country, who up to now could only acquire knowledge and education in this field in central and northern Israel.

Similar study programs are currently not offered in the region, and the opening of the new Visual Communication department at the SCE will enable additional populations of young people to study this developing and in-demand field and to find their place in various design fields in Israeli industry.

The aim of the Visual Communication B.A. program, B.Des, is to grow the next generation of designers in Israel, designers with both technological and artistic knowledge, creative designers with imagination, flexibility of thought and personal motivation. Program graduates will find their place as designers in the advanced technology industries, in the education and culture systems, leading companies, media entities, advertising firms, digital industries, high-tech and other frameworks.  

The four-year program is based on understanding the designer’s role in the age of accelerated technology and changing formats and content. The program provides a broad artistic foundation that includes: drawing, illustration, video art, design-in-motion, animation and interactive design. The core courses will mainly focus on the various screen mediums -  smartphone, television, computer and cinema, and on the use of static and dynamic composition that integrates picture, text, color, movement and sound into a complete unit with communication semantics. Tuition will be university level and granting of a degree is subject to approval of the Council for Higher Education (CHE).  

In the words of Prof. Jehuda Haddad, SCE President: “The new Visual Communication department and the new B.A. track in Visual Communication, B.Des, are part of an overall initiative for the study of design and architecture subjects at the SCE – the program will fill the increasingly growing need for visual communication and engineering art studies in southern Israel, and will meet the need of thousands of young people who want to specialize in these fields and must currently do so in central and northern Israel. As we see it, higher education is the starting point of a career path and opens the door to the employment world. Increasingly more young people understand the vital importance of higher education and of choosing the best-suited field for themselves. It is our duty to provide them with the opportunity and the access to quality higher education that will pave their way to a successful and satisfying career.”