Graduate degree for those with an undergraduate degree

SCE Shamoon College of Engineering offers a graduate degree in engineering in three fields: electronics and electrical engineering (specializing in power systems and energy), software engineering, and industrial engineering and management.

Candidates for a graduate degree in engineering may register for the regular track, the M.Sc. track, and for a research track. Students that are admitted to this track will conduct a final research project under the supervision of one of the college's researchers and will be eligible for various benefits, including a full tuition exemption and monthly expense scholarship. In addition, they will be allowed to maintain a teaching position as external lecturers for four weekly hours. 

The terms of admission for the research track are: an average grade score of 80 or over in their undergraduate degree, full-fledged registration for a graduate degree in engineering and a commitment to conducting a final research project and investing the majority of their time towards studies and research.

Graduates of this graduate program in engineering will receive a M.Sc. degree.

Degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering – Specializing in Power Systems and Energy:

The graduate degree in electronics and electrical engineering, specializing in power systems and energy, enables students to acquire the knowhow required to integrate successfully into the developing electricity sector. The program prepares and trains students to meet the challenges of the electricity sector revolution in Israel. Graduates of the graduate degree program in electronics and electrical engineering will have acquired a wide knowledge base in various topics necessary for the management of multi-disciplinary and their research projects will contribute to solving new problems arising within the evolving electricity sector.

Degree is Software Engineering:

The graduate degree in software engineering provides advanced scientific, research-oriented knowledge and tools needed to solve engineering problems. The study program is comprehensive and combines technological engineering processes and their implementation in various organizations that view the development and use of software as a prime strategic tool. The graduate degree in software focuses on in-depth learning of management generators, engineering, knowledge and security for the development of complex software systems. It is intended for software development team members who are interested in gaining a wider engineering and managerial perspective of software development, in order to advance their careers towards management positions in organizations. Graduates of the graduate degree program in software engineering will be fully prepared to meet the future challenges of this sector.


Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management:

The graduate degree in industrial engineering and management enables graduates of the program to upgrade their professional level as engineers, through the use of advanced methodologies and mathematical tools that are not acquired in undergraduate programs. The graduate degree in industrial engineering and management imparts graduates with: a comprehensive systematic view for initiation, application and implementation of improved solutions for complex systems, an enhanced ability to deal with circumstances of uncertainty with limited resources and the need to analyze and interpret data, and knowledge pertaining to advanced optimization methods and their implementation for building models and solving realistic, deterministic and stochastic problems.