The student who immigrated alone from the US chose to pursue his master’s degree studies in Ashdod

He immigrated alone from the US last summer, and now Lotan Jackson (24) is completing his first year in the Green Engineering master’s program at the Ashdod campus * “I came to Ashdod because of the college, but it became my new home”

Hundreds of foreign students come to study in Israel every year, but most return home after completing their studies. Only few students fall in love with Israel and decide to make aliyah. This is what happened to Lotan Jackson, a former resident of Oregon who came to live in Ashdod last year.

Lotan received his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering in California, and came to Israel for an internship as part of his studies. He did his internship in Be’er Sheva, and while living in the south learned about its academic institutions and inquired about continuing his studies in Israel. After returning home he decided to move to Israel when completing his undergraduate studies. Returning to Israel last summer, he chose to pursue a master’s degree at the SCE - Sami Shamoon College of Engineering in Ashdod.

“At the SCE there is a personal relationship between the students and the lecturers, contrary to what happens in universities”, said Jackson, who in addition to the intensive research he is conducting is also a teaching assistant in several SCE courses. “These are classes with a smaller number of students, and therefore relations are more personal. I decided to study Green Engineering – a relatively new study track in the world, because I believe that we must look toward the future and understand the importance of promoting a green environment. I chose to focus my research at the SCE on materials from nature, in the aim of increasing the efficiency of the manufacturing industry and encouraging the use of easily recyclable and environmentally friendly natural materials”.