Mechanical Engineering and its influence on the world

What does the car we drive, the air conditioner that cools us on hot days and robots of the future all have in common? The answer is – the department of mechanical engineering, which prepares its graduates for roles at the forefront of industry. The world is moving forward – and innovation and creativity are the name of the game. The technological breakthroughs of the past decade have brought together great ideas, out-of-the-box thinking and implementation capabilities. The environmentally friendly electric car developed by Shai Agassi, the massive computerization and communications revolution along with the breakthrough in robotics are all part of the latest engineering accomplishments in general, and particularly in mechanical engineering.

Mechanical engineering provides an infrastructure for all modern industries in Israel and across the globe. These studies combine basic sciences with engineering applications. This field interfaces with numerous areas, including mechtronics, computers, industry and energy, research processes, planning and development, manufacturing and maintenance of diverse systems, and provides a solid base for all modern and developed industries.

 Musical robots, electric gliders, robot dogs and innovative urban automobiles are just some of the projects revealed at the department's latest conference. At this yearly event, students present projects that merge the knowhow and tools they acquired throughout their studies with the needs and demands of leading industry corporations, such as: a system that fills syringes for Perrigo, method improvements for Rotem Amfert, to name a few.       

The undergraduate program in mechanical engineering is unlike any other in Israel, and imparts its graduates with the skills, knowledge and tools required by mechanical engineers across a variety of engineering fields, enabling them to secure their place at the forefront of the Israeli industry.

The undergraduate degree study program in mechanical engineering is a unique program that offers four comprehensive tracks: mechtronics, product planning and design, energy systems, and natural gas. Focusing on these four areas of specialization answers the growing needs within the Israeli industry for engineers with a multi-faceted knowledge base. Graduates of the department will receive a B.Sc. in mechanical engineering and may be registered in the Association of Engineers and Architects.