Graduate Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management

SCE opens its gates to outstanding students, offering a graduate program in Industrial Engineering and Management that awards students with a M.Sc. degree. This program enables its graduates to improve their professional level as engineers, with the use of advanced methodologies and mathematical tools that are not acquired during undergraduate studies. This degree imparts graduates with a comprehensive systemic view in order to initiate, apply and implement enhanced solutions for complex systems.

Key objectives of the program:

  • Imparting expanded knowledge on the approaches, models and tools that will enhance analysis capabilities of complex problems
  • Improved the ability to deal with situations of uncertainty, limited resources and the need to analyze and interpret data – issues that are characteristics of numerous tasks within the workplace and in daily life
  • Imparting advanced methods for optimization and implementing them while building models for solving realistic, deterministic and stochastic problems

Terms of Admission:

  • Undergraduate degree grade average of at least 80
  • Candidates with relevant industry/managerial experience and an average grade of at least 75 in their undergraduate degree may submit their application to the Graduate School teaching committee. This committee may determine that the candidate must attend supplementary courses, along with additional conditions.
  • Candidates that do not come from an industrial engineering and management background will be required to take supplementary courses, in accordance with the Graduate School teaching committee.
  • Candidates must attach two recommendation letters from the academic institution they attended or from their workplace to their application.

Course of Study:

  • Programs will be suited for working students as much as possible
  • The duration of studies is limited to two years, and therefore during the first year, students are required to complete at least four courses in each semester, and to complete their academic requirements during the second year
  • SCE is not obligated to conduct evening studies for supplementary courses for those who require them

Please note:

  • This program is conducted at both campuses, in Be'er Sheva and Ashdod
  • Some of the courses will be transmitted in synchronicity between both campuses

For more information, please visit the Industrial Engineering and Management page.