Student Accounts

The Student Accounts Department is in charge of tuition collection, individual course payments and supplementary payments at the Be'er Sheva and Ashdod campuses, for both engineering studies as well as pre-academic preparatory programs.

Tuition payments are conducted according to the number of credits registered in the system, in addition to reservation fees and the welfare funding. Installment plans are conducted through a standing order at the appointed times published in the fees index posted on the bulletin boards and online.

Students who wish to settle their payments in another way should contact the department office, and select one of the following options:

- Check

- Credit card, can be paid by telephone or through Michlol-net

- Payment voucher at the bank

- Delayed payment (through the student dean's office)

-  Withdraw of military funds (for eligible students)

- Cash

Tuition fee confirmations can be produced through Michlol-net.

Amendment number 12 to the Released Soldiers Act (soldiers who were discharged since January 2010) determines states that students who attend academic institutions located in assistance (peripheral) areas are eligible for government assistance towards their tuition payments (to view the full Act, click here).

Legal regulations have determined that SCE students studying at the Be'er Sheva campus are eligible for funding of one academic year. Tuition subsidy eligibility for the 1st year is determined by the Promotional Fund for Higher Education. The law states that those who receive financial assistance and do not complete their undergraduate studies within five years will be required to return the assistance funds they received.