Rector's Office

Rector's Office

The Rector is the Academic Head of the College and reports to the Academic Council.

The Rector has the authority and responsibility for running all of the College’s academic affairs in accordance with the charter of the College, the decisions of the Board of Trustees, the Board of Directors and the Academic Council.

All the academic bodies in the institution are directly subordinate to the Rector. These bodies are: The faculties of Engineering, Design and Architecture and Basic Sciences; the Research and Development Authority; the Institute for Applied Research; the International Academic Relations Unit; Special Programs; Academic Staff Development; the Center for Quality Assessment and Promotion of Teaching, etc.

The Office of the Rector is responsible to the academic faculty staff on key issues in the academic units and in the curricula, including the Admissions and Appointments Committees, promotions, standards, academic planning and control, the Charter, external relations, quality of teaching, advanced training, the IDF moving to the south of the country, etc.

The Rector of the College: Prof. Jehuda Haddad