About the Authority

As the largest academic college for engineering in Israel, SCE has set for itself the goal of leading this academic realm, while serving as a major driving force in the development of the Negev. In order to realize its vision, the college has placed research development and scientific excellence as the principal objective for all its departments and academic divisions.

The Authority for Research and Development is responsible for the logistic management of research and funding processes through research grants. This authority conducts various endeavors, including: locating funding sources and publishing calls for proposals amongst all researchers; supporting and guiding researchers in their research proposal submissions; managing budgets for research projects funded by external and internal research foundations; monitoring budgets of active research projects in accordance with the regulations of the college and research foundations; initiating collaborations between researchers and research groups from within academia and the industry; publishing research booklets and publications.

We can also provide you with additional assistance such as: locating partners, negotiating research contracts, building budgets, providing tools for managing and tracking researches, managing financial grants and scientific reporting, financial assistance towards publishing articles in professional publications, and language editing, amongst others.   

As part of its research support efforts, the college allocates resources to its internal research fund. The college maintains two internal research tracks, with the purpose of encouraging researchers to submit research proposals to external research foundations:

  • Young Research Track
    This is a research budget targeting new researchers – Full-fledged faculty members that have been at the college for a period of up to three years. This research budget is granted for varying periods of up to three years, in order to enable new faculty members to build a research base and acquire experience that will enable them to submit research proposals to external research funding foundations.
  • Excellent Research Track
    This is a research budget targeting researchers within the college, who have submitted a research proposal to external foundations and received a “Good” or “Very Good” grade on their proposal, but did not receive the funding. These budgets are granted for varying periods of up to three years.