Advisory Board

Dr. Peter M. Kash
Dr. Peter M. Kash, co-founder and Vice Chairman of "Targlmmune Therapeutics", which is based in Switzerland. He has over 30 years of experience in the establishment and financing of bio-pharmaceutical companies and the co-founder of more than a dozen biotech companies. Dr. Kash served as the chairman and vice chairman and member of the board of directors of biotech companies. Dr. Kash has published several books, including the best-sellers, "Make Your Own Luck", and "Free­dom from Dis­ease".   Dr. Kash has a BA in Management, an MA in International Banking and Economics, and a PhD in Education from Azrieli Graduate School.


Daniel Lorer
Daniel Lorer is the Managing Partner at "BrightCap Ventures", a venture capital fund based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Daniel is a mentor, investor and founder with over 20 years of experience in international business development and establishing and developing start-up companies. He holds a degree in Computer Sciences and Business Administration. 


Dr. Yael Villa
Dr. Yael Villa served as Vice President at "Cisco", and headed the company's R&D center in Israel. Dr. Villa is an experienced business and technology leader, with over 30 years of experience and proficiency in leading companies and projects, particularly in the areas of Big Data and Big Science. Dr. Villa is also a senior lecturer at The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yafo, and has held various academic roles at the School of Mathematics at Tel Aviv University. Dr. Villa holds a BA in Statistics and Computer Sciences, an MA in Applied Statistics, and a PhD in Statistics from Tel Aviv University.


Mark Coles
Mark Coles is an expert in international business development, collaborations and strategic and financial investments. Mr. Coles, a lawyer by profession, served as the Vice President and General Counsel at the global company "Taro", and was the founder of "Ridgeback". He holds a JD from CWRU School of Law, and an MBA in Business Administration from Tel Aviv University.    


Chemi Peres
Chemi Peres is the Managing Partner and CEO at "Pitango", the largest venture capital fund in Israel. Peres was formerly a business development manager, and he established and managed the venture capital funds, "Mofet" and "Polaris 2". In addition, Peres served as Chairman of the Israel-America Chamber of Commerce, and was Chairman of the Israel Venture Association. He serves as Chairman of the Peres Center for Peace. Mr. Peres holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from Tel Aviv University.