Control Research Center (CRC)

The Control Research Center deals in the control, estimation and optimization of controlling dynamic mechanical systems. The need for lightweight systems is increasing alongside demands for high performance and quality, such as in aviation and space systems. Mechanical vibration at resonance frequencies of the structure arises more easily in lightweight systems. This vibration can have a significantly negative effect on the performance, reliability and availability of the systems and result in injury to human life due to both immediate and cumulative damage.

The center combines theoretical work, simulations and experimental activities. Suppressing the vibration of elastic modes constitutes the core research at the center and currently focuses on the development of advanced control systems to prevent vibrations using active approaches that combine sensors, actuators, control algorithms, mechanical design and control systems.

The center belongs to the Mechanical Engineering Department at the Sami Shamoon Academic College of Engineering in Israel. The center was founded in 2022 and is run by Dr. Ziv Brand.