SCE Website and Social Networks

To implement the SCE’s marketing strategy the department designed and maintains a dedicated advanced website as well as social network accounts.

The SCE website provides extensive useful information about the academic departments and study tracks, SCE events, academic faculty members and more. The website is updated frequently and targets potential students, current students, academic and administrative faculty members and the general public in Israel and abroad. Therefore, the information on the website – or part of it – is also available in Arabic, English and French.

To ensure easy and convenient access to information to most of the population, the SCE website is accessible in compliance with Israeli Standard 5568 for web content accessibility, and accompanied by a Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor authorized accessibility coordinator.  

As noted, the SCE is also active on social networks, among them Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, presenting extensive marketing as well as useful information regarding study options and events taking place at the college.

On social media the SCE mainly targets individuals interested in studies, current students and graduates, for example through columns such as “Meet the Student” and “Meet the Lecturer”, in addition to surveys and various challenges.

For inquiries regarding the SCE website and social network accounts please contact the Content Coordinator, Mr. Shay Shabtay, at or telephone 08-6475214.