Accessibility Accommodations

About 1.6 million persons living in Israel, comprising about one-fifth of the population, have a disability; among them about 700,000 persons with a severe disability that hinders their daily functioning. Persons with a disability encounter various types of difficulties more than the rest of the population, and have difficulty leading a full life and realizing their right to participation in society in all spheres of life.

The Sami Shamoon College of Engineering, recognizing the moral and legal need to enable students, faculty members and guests with a disability to receive accessible service with dignity, makes sure to provide continuous accessibility on its campuses and to maintain the dignity, privacy and freedom of persons with a disability.  

We underscore our commitment to outstanding service. All services offered by the SCE must also be provided to persons with a disability, not only by virtue of the law, but also in genuine recognition that this is the proper way to act.

The Sami Shamoon College of Engineering attributes significant importance to implementing accessibility accommodations for persons with a disability, and over time has invested, and continues to invest efforts, to improve its accessibility.

The following accommodations are implemented in compliance with the Equal Rights For Persons With Disabilities Law and its amendments, as the SCE continues to improve its accessibility through the accommodations it implements on its premises, in its buildings and infrastructures and in the services it provides.