Anonymous teaching-evaluation surveys are filled-out by students each semester via the Top Solutions Co. program “Nemala” and the “Nemala World” system, in regard to all the courses and exercise sessions given at SCE on both campuses.

The “Nemala World” system enables students to answer questions on their smartphones and allows all the lecturers and T.A.s (who give the exercise sessions) to enter the system using a personal password and to see the results of their personal survey(s) for the current and previous years.

The department heads and deans are also permitted to view the survey results of all the faculty members by using the special passwords issued to them.

These survey results shed light on the quality of the instruction at SCE and encourage progress.

As a part of the College’s vision, to develop academic human resources, and following the tradition begun in 2006, SCE rewards its excellent teachers. The choice of faculty members who provide outstanding instruction in a given year is based on statistical averages gleaned from the findings of the teaching surveys of that academic year in accordance with a number of predetermined criteria.

Once a year, from among all the members of the SCE academic faculty, the names of only three excellent, esteemed teachers are published (the data always refers to the academic year just preceding the publication). Certificates of excellence are issued and monetary prizes awarded to the chosen lecturers at an annual ceremony in the presence of the entire SCE faculty.

Also annually, the additional names of two outstanding faculty members from each department/unit at SCE and from among the visiting lecturers are published, similarly based on the teaching-survey results, at both campuses, and they, too, receive certificates.