Academic Staff

Dr. Omri Yilovsky
Omri is the CEO and owner of the technological and business incubator, "YaloStar Holdings", which focuses on the initial idea stage. He is a consultant for companies, entities and entrepreneurs on topics of entrepreneurship and innovation, a lecturer on entrepreneurship and management at SCE. Omri has established numerous businesses and projects. He holds a BA in Business Administration and Law from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and an MBA certification in Executive Business Administration from Ben-Gurion University.       

Shabi Dagan
Entrepreneur and CEO of the startup "".  Shabi holds a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering and an MBA in Innovation and Business. He has six years of experience in managing research and development projects and teams within the security sector. 

Shimon Gdalevsky
Shimon is the owner of a business-financial consulting firm. He accompanies hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners each year in the areas of fundraising, building business models and marketing. He is a lecturer on entrepreneurship at SCE, and also teaches marketing, entrepreneurship and financing at Ben Gurion University. 

Amos Redlich
Business consultant and owner of Rankup consulting and training company.
Amos is a lecturer and developer of workshops in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation, inventive thinking and developing business models. He managed the business development of "Motorola" Israel and was involved in the initiation of collaborations with both Israeli and international companies. In addition, he was the financial development manager of the city of Arad, and was the head of the financial development division at a financial company. Amos holds a bachelors degree and a graduate degree in Industrial Engineering from Ben Gurion University. 

Dr. Oren Dayan
Dr. Oren Dayan is a highly knowledgeable, globally recognized expert in the field of digital marketing. Until recently, he was Head of the Marketing Department at WITS University, Johannesburg. Dr. Dayan was selected to be a member of a special panel by Google in a project for promoting digital marketing across the globe. He received his graduate degrees with distinction and completed his PhD thesis in the field of global digital marketing in 2009. In addition, he has written three books on the topic of marketing strategy, and has published over 60 publications worldwide. He is the owner of the digital agency DIFF. .