The CPT, in conjunction with the Information Systems Division and the StreamItUp Company, began a project nine years ago to video-record all the lectures at SCE. Over the years, two lecture rooms were converted into video studios on both campuses, Be’er-Sheva and Ashdod.

Each semester, the video-recorded lectures are linked to the relevant course websites and are added to the database of video-recorded lectures that is available for the students. After a statistical analysis was made, it has become clear that the students do use these video-recorded lectures both throughout the semester and during exam periods.

The “StreamItUp” system is used to provide certain synchronous, live video-recordings that may be seen in classrooms simultaneously on both campuses. This is often done for Masters’ courses and sometimes for selected Bachelors’ courses. The StreamItUp system enables students on the distant campus to ask questions and to participate actively in the classes, despite the geographical distance.

In 2018, an additional system was installed for recording lectures called “Classboot,” produced by the Bynet Communications Co. in Be’er-Sheva.