Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering encompasses many engineering fields and includes research, planning, development, manufacturing and maintenance processes of various and diverse systems. These serve as the basis for any modern industry. In addition, beginning in the 2023-2024 academic year, a 5 year – 3 semesters a year - evening track will open (conditional on the number of registering students) for individuals working in industry and for IDF permanent army personnel.

The program in Mechanical Engineering is unique, having been developed with the goal of providing an answer to the growing need within the Israeli industry for interdisciplinary mechanical engineers, whose knowledge and skills include: mechatronics, industrial design, ergonomics, energy systems, to name a few.    

Undergraduate Program

Awarded Degree

B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering

Specialization Tracks

Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Product Planning and Design
Energy Systems


University Tuition


Be'er Sheva

Duration of Studies

4 years

Start of Studies



Application Requirements

- Fully Completed Matriculation Exams (High School Diploma)

-  Psychometric / Psycho-technical Exam (Score of at least 600)

-  Admission Committee

- 5 Point Mathematics (Grade must be above 75)

- Total score of at least 135

- Acceptance based on highest achievements

Pre-Academic Preparatory Program

Applicants who do not meet the application requirements may be accepted to undergraduate studies in mechanical engineering following the successful completion of the SCE pre-academic preparatory program in engineering.

The objective of the undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering is to provide the knowledge and tools required by a mechanical engineer, while focusing on three specialization* tracks:

  • Robotics and Autonomous Systems  - Offers graduates extensive knowledge in electrical engineering, electronics, control and computers, robotics and automation, and their integration, enabling them to work in planning, developing and manufacturing mectronics systems.
  • Product Planning and Design – Provides graduates with the ability to plan and develop advanced and innovative products, starting with the initial idea stage and throughout all stages of production, based on industry requirements and in accordance with end-user needs.
  • Energy Systems – Grants graduates a wide knowledge base in fuel- based conventional energy systems (petroleum, gas, etc.) as well as alternative systems based on renewable energy sources (wind, solar, water). The department's energy resource and numerical simulations center serves as the base for conducting various researches in this field.

The department offers a sub-specialization in artificial intelligence and machine learning for students in all the specialization tracks. This sub-specialization track provides students with tools for work at the forefront of science in light of growing global needs and demands for the development of advanced and groundbreaking products. Mechanical engineers use these technologies to enable our interaction with the physical world in a broad range of applicable areas, among them aerospace, transportation, medicine, industry and robotics, in addition to gaining in-depth understanding of physical phenomena taking place in these systems. Mechanical engineers also use these technologies to develop advanced and tailored solutions to meet market needs and to bring to market advanced performance products. Mechanical engineers with artificial intelligence and machine learning knowledge have a relative advantage in the modern employment market. 

Throughout their studies, students in this program will enjoy working in some of the most advanced planning and design laboratories in the country. As part of the Project-Oriented approach and requirements of the program, students will get the chance to conduct unique projects in these laboratories, working alongside members of the local industry as well as international academic institutions. These include, for example, projects such as the Robot Competition at the Dead Sea, conducted in the framework of the Product Planning and Development and Mectronics Systems Planning and Development courses.

The skill sets and unique tools offered to students, along with their training as highly knowledgeable mechanical engineers with interdisciplinary know-how, provides them with a solid entry point into the Israeli industry and the ability to spearhead the workplace. This type of comprehensive training and education opens up diverse employment opportunities in the planning and developing of integrated systems.


*The specializations will not be included in the graduation certificate