Gender Equity

The Sami Shamoon Academic College of Engineering (SCE), as part of its vision to advance knowledge and nurture excellence in various populations, sees great importance in promoting gender equity in academia, in general, and in the fields of science and engineering, in particular. To that end, over the years, SCE has been very proactive in supporting gender equity.

The College has set a goal to increase the number of women in the engineering fields, both as students and as members of the academic staff. SCE is proud to announce that the percentage of women students and women staff members at SCE is relatively greater than those found at other parallel academic institutions. The percentage of women in SCE’s senior staff (from lecturer up to professor) is 38%.

Moreover, SCE is investing significant resources in the advancement of women engineering students, especially in those departments with low percentages, such as: the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics; the Department of Construction Engineering; and the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Some proactive gender-equity activities are: the provision of a support program; grant coverage; and personal empowerment training.

SCE is a participant in the broad, national project to create an academic women’s leadership. Within the framework of this project, young women researchers from SCE will participate, during the month of October 2018, in a special workshop on leadership in the sciences.


To view the annual report on gender equity at SCE (Dec. 2016) – Click here (in Hebrew).

To view the annual report on gender equity at SCE (Apr. 2018) – Click here (in Hebrew).

To view the annual report on gender equity at SCE (2019) – Click here (in Hebrew).

The SCE President’s Advisor on Gender Equity is Prof. Dorith Tavor
203D Katsir (50), Be’er-Sheva Campus
232 Jabotinsky Campus, Ashdod

Ms. Galit Shikler Fridman
G03 Katsir (50)