The Corrosion Research Center, Nano-Bio & Advanced Materials

The Corrosion Research Center's main areas of activity are international research, project development in a sea environment, and enhancing student awareness of the center's work.

In the area of international research, the center initiates joint efforts. It has received grants for research projects in the automobile and bio-materials industries, and electro-chemical cell simulations for implant grafting in the human body. In sea environment research, the center has set up a sea station at the Port of Ashdod in cooperation with the Marina Authority. The aim of the project is to create an intercontinental sea map for understanding the corrosion rate in port infrastructures and corrosive damage to seagoing vessels in anchorage. The project is being carried out in conjunction with ten other countries.

Worldwide corrosive damage is estimated at 3.2 trillion dollars a year; therefore it is of utmost urgency to find solutions that reduce maintenance costs, extend infrastructure lifetime, and lower the corrosion rate. The Corrosion Center studies ways to safeguard the water infrastructure in Israel and the international community.

The center, together with the international student cell, holds study days and seminars on SCE's two campuses that introduce students to the center's projects and main areas of corrosive studies. The activities of the center include several scientists and engineers as well as dozens of students.

The Corrosion Center continues to receive generous research grants from overseas, while developing scientific-industrial contacts in Israel and abroad, thus maintaining its position and as a recognized international research center.



Contact information:

Director: Prof.  Amir Eliezer

Tel: +972-8-647-5688

Mobile +972-54-773-3850