The Center for External Studies

The Center for External Studies at SCE, headed by Prof. Saad Tapuchi, specializes in the organization and development of study programs designed for engineering graduates from institutions of higher education, as well as for professional s working in the various engineering and management fields.

The center conducts courses, continuing programs, conferences and seminars, in order to share with various professionals, technological and scientific innovations that are relevant for the needs of the market and industry. Additionally, the center conducts internal courses that are commissioned by production plants and organizations, suitable for the specific needs of the ordering entity.

The center's faculty comprises academic faculty members of the college alongside external lecturers, each of whom are experts in their field.

Course topics are defined according to demand and requests from students who are interested in deepening their knowledge. Persons interested in participating in a course that is not listed above may contact the Center for External Studies and we will be happy to evaluate the possibility of opening a course on the requested subject.

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