Call for Proposal and Patents

Call for Proposal

Once a year, a call for proposal will be made public to research faculty members, with the goal of identifying research projects with commercial potential. Researches in this framework will be offered initial funding for the establishment of a research center, with the aim of bringing them to a level of maturity that will enable external funding from corporations or venture capital funds. These research centers may be based on an invention/development conducted within the research, on the capability to collaborate with a company or external entity for mutual research or on service provision.

Research centers will be selected according to the following criteria:

  • Operate in one or more of the SCE study fields (with emphasis on inter-disciplinary fields, in which the college has a relative advantage in its ability to build a diverse team that includes researchers from various engineering fields.
  • Represent a development field that is relevant to the Israeli high-tech industry.
  • Enable students to specialize or acquire a graduate degree in the desired field.
  • Have development (and financing) potential when collaborating with a leading company in the field.  


Assessment and Commercialization of Patents

The center assumes an active role in the process of assessing patents submitted through the college, and requires a roadmap for implementing the invention, as well as a commitment by the inventor to implement it as a requirement for patent registration. Subsequently, the center will support the process and will take actions in order to commercialize the registered patents.