Industrial Engineering and Management

This department offers undergraduate and graduate studies in industrial engineering and management. Industrial engineering and management is a fascinating field, characterized by its wide variety of interesting career possibilities, which are often financially rewarding.

Industrial engineering and management is a discipline that deals with industrial and managerial principles. These engineers utilize knowledge and technology to transform ideas into realities, and are responsible for planning the most suitable process for any challenge and innovation. They are employed throughout all facets of the marketplace, since their expertise is vital for the successful functioning and seamless integration of internal processes in any organization.      

Graduate Program

Awarded Degree

M.Sc. Graduate Degree


University Tuition


Be'er Sheva

Duration of Studies

2 years

Start of Studies



Application Requirements (Graduate Studies)

Average score of 80 or higher in undergraduate degree

SCE has created the graduate program in Industrial Engineering and Management for those individuals who seek to improve their professional offer and enhance their position and appeal within the marketplace. This program trains engineers for senior management positions, providing them with comprehensive and updated knowledge as well as advanced tools for solving engineering challenges.

The program's curriculum comprises a variety of innovative engineering methods, advanced technologies, management processes, and additional tools and skillsets that will assist in promoting graduates within the market, while increasing their chances of securing key positions in business, industry, public organizations, research or academia.

The degree granted through this program offers its graduates a wide-ranging organizational view for the development, application and implementation of improved solutions for complex systems. This answers the growing need of organizations who seek to improve their internal planning processes, and to make better logistics and strategic decisions. The program's curriculum has been designed to assist industrial engineers to implement their engineering knowledge while leading complex projects and technological and managerial processes in their workplace.  The department accepts outstanding undergraduate students who are nearing the completion of their degree, allowing them to take graudate courses while finalizing their undergraduate studies.