Scholarships for Second Degree Students for Scholastic year 2022-2023

SCE offers its graduates a variety of scholarships for second degree studies during scholastic year 2022-2023.

Tuition fees scholarship for external course second degree students (with/without thesis)

a. SCE students who continue their studies for a second degree during scholastic year 2022-2023, immediately after completing their first degree, will be awarded a tuition fee grant of NIS 2,500 per year (total NIS 5,000).

b. SCE graduates (not insiders) who join second degree studies at the college during scholastic year 2022-2023 will be given a tuition fee grant of NIS 1,250 per year (total NIS 2,500).


Second degree study scholarships for internal thesis courses or extended final project research courses*

Subsistence Scholarship

Students accepted to M.Sc. studies with a thesis or on the research course with an extended final project mentored by one of the college researchers, will be entitled to a tuition fee scholarship and a monthly subsistence scholarship for the period of the studies (no more than two years):

  • Tuition fees scholarship – to the full amount for second degree studies (not including supplementary courses)
  • Monthly subsistence scholarship of 4,900-5,600 NIS.
  • The option to serve in a teaching position for a scope of 4 weekly hours as an external teacher.
  • Option for an additional (limited) scholarship from the mentor’s external fund.

Scholarship receipt eligibility conditions for second degree thesis studies / extended final project research course:

  1. First degree average scores of 80 and above.
  2. Registered student for second degree studies committed to a thesis / extended final project.
  3. Commitment to devote maximum time to studies and research

The purpose of second degree scholarships for thesis/extended final project studies: to allow students to devote their time to studies and research, and achieve excellence in their fields. There is an option for external students of external thesis courses to complete their thesis in up to 3 years – subject to approval of the Teaching Committee.